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Location: Home arrow Library of Articles arrow Appeals arrow Global Relief (Tsunami): Sikh Community Water Purification Unit

Global Relief (Tsunami): Sikh Community Water Purification Unit   E-mail 
Please post this request on our websites, we need the assistance and compassion of the Sikh communities in this hour of need.

As the toll rises and as an increasing number of people are forced to sleep outdoors under no shelter, an increasing number of people are falling sick to diseases. WHO expects thousands of people to die from infection, unless they receive proper shelter and clean water.

The agencies listed on this press release are engaged in raising funds in the US and are engaged in disaster relief efforts in India, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Communities in the US are encouraged to contact these agencies and make their donations of money. Food, blankets, medicines etc though needed in India and the other affected countries are not required here in the US. The cost of shipping them to Asia is prohibitive. The arduous work starts now. There is a race against time to ensure that those who survived the devastating tsunami, do not die form exposure to the elements.

I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of the efforts that Global Relief has been engaged in over the past few days to raise funds for the Tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka. We have managed to secure space on Air India and Cathay Pacific airlines to ship some water purification units to the affected areas.

We have sent one shipment of over 500,000 water purification tablets on Tuesday. Unfortunately the feedback we have received, is that the villagers do not like the taste of water after the tablet has been dropped in it.

During the Gujarat earthquake and also the Orissa cyclone tragedy, Global Relief had shipped water purification units, These are made by a company NovaZone ( ). These units use Ozone to purify contaminated water.

Global Relief is in the process of purchasing 5 units from NovaZone. These are $ 45,000 each.

I would like to take on the goal of one unit from the Sikh Communities. This means a lot to the Tsunami victims. This will give us a goal to work towards and not just send money to causes, we not clear where the money would be deployed and by whom.

I am putting in $ 5000 as the initial donation. I would urge each of you to pleas mail in checks this week made to Global Relief. Please mention in the memo section " Sikh Community Water Purification Unit "

Contributions to Global Relief can be sent by check made payable to "Global Relief" mailed to:

Global Relief
4546 El Camino Real, Suite B10-129
Los Altos, CA 94022


Kim Singh
Global Relief
650 346 5998

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