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Simran   E-mail 

Breaking news: your fate can be changed (developed by the Universe Warrior)!

Allows humans for the first time ever to short-circuit and liberate themselves from all sorts of karmic and planetary influences on their life. This groundbreaking development allows humans to even overturn what is popularly known as 'fate', as ordained by the cosmic energizer. This groundbreaking technology involves a re-tuning of soulwaves to the higher positive and benevolent rays of the cosmic energizer.

The first step towards this process is the activation of what is referred to as the 'Immortal Cocoon Power' within. This is achieved by establishing contact between human consciousness and this latent charge within. Connections are normally easily made during a specific time of the day which is technically known as 'Amrit Vela', i.e. to succeed, it is during this time that there is least noise and frequency interference, thus allowing quick connection time. The password for connection, is -- 'the mantra that 5 piarays give during amrit ceremony'.

So, the dial-up consists of the common interfacing of human consciousness with the immortal power, the address of which is known. Punch in the password through the medium of thought, and Bingo! you're connected. You have to remain in this connected state for at least a couple of hours so that a software update can be initiated and completed. During this process of updating, all files in the software belonging to karmic folders as well as fate folders and all other viruses will be deleted. New files enabling immortality and eternal youth and chardi kala will be downloaded. These files will then activate themselves automatically in the human system and will result in an invigoration.

You are free to experiment with this software now.

(Universe Warrior mentioned above, in case your don't already know, is Guru Gobind Singh. Don't forget to personally thank him once you have completed this process).


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