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Error in Time of India article about SGGS Ji   E-mail 

The Sept 2, 2004 online issue contains an article by Chirdeep Bagga entitled, "In the beginning, there was the Book", which contains an erroneous statement about Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji....

"Sikhism, therefore, became the only religion in which a book is revered almost as a deity. Interestingly, this is despite the fact that unlike other religions which have a holy book, like the Bible or the Koran, there is no suggestion that what the Granth Sahib contains are the revelations of God through his prophets."

It is a fact made explicitly clear by the Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji that Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the Word of God Himself. The Almighty Akal Purakh spoke through the Gurus (prophets) and Bhagats (enlightened masters) in their state of oneness with Him:

"Jiasee Mein Aawai Khasam Ki Bani Taisara Kari Gian Ve Lalo." (pg. 52)
"As descends to me the Lord's Word, I express it, 0 Lalo!"

"Dhur Ki Bani Aaee." (pg. 628)
"The Holy Word has dawned from the Primal Divine Source."

The Writer's sentiments, whether intentional or in ignorance, has also been voiced by others in their attempt to show that Sikh Dharam is not a bona fide religion and is a danger to religious harmony.

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Thank you

Humbly Yours

Gurdip Singh


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