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Healing Through Prayer   E-mail 
From the Autobiography of
the Saint-Soldier Bhai Randhir Singh Ji

"The Divine Name is the panacea for all ills."
                              - Sahib Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji (pg. 274)

Even before I was baptised, I had great and deep faith in the principles of Sikhism and the holy Word. One of my beliefs was that the Divine Name is the panacea of all ills. Prayers and contemplation of the Divine Name can heal mental and physical ailments, and this is the best medicine for all types of maladies. There were frequent discussions with father on this topic. Father did not want me to avoid medicines when I fell ill. He did not believe that there were any such thing as healing of physical ailments through prayer or contemplation of the Divine Name. He, however, believed that mental ailments can be cured through prayer. As for physical ailments, he considered ordinary medicines to be absolutely essential. He did not understand the mystery or the power of the Divine Name nor did he believe in it.

Once, it so happened that he fell ill. He was so seriously ill that he had to be admitted to Ludhiana hospital. I was attending to him in the hospital. There were one or two servants and some relatives and friends to help us. We had acquired a special room in the hospital and the treatment started. I was not in favour of taking him to the hospital but my relatives and friends compelled me to do so. Anyway, I wanted to serve father personally so I accompanied him there. It was also father's wish that I should be there with him. The treatment went on for about a week but his fever persisted and there wasn?t the slightest change in his condition. Malaria was raging in the town in those days and I had to go to the city a number of times on errands. One after another all the relatives came down with malaria and had to go home. Within a week I was the only person left to attend to father. Some more servants were sent to help me but whoever came suffered the same fate as well. Then I acquired an old servant named Khadkoo from my relative Sardar Uttam Singh who was a resident of Jallundur. Unfortunately, he also fell ill and had to leave. I was once again left all alone to look after father. My father?s condition was taking a serious turn, and I could not decide whether to stay near him or to bring things for him from the city. During the day I had to go several times to the house of Dr Fateh Chand, Civil Surgeon, who was residing in the city, because he came to the hospital for a round only once or twice. Father was under the special treatment of this doctor. No doubt, there was the Assistant Surgeon and other junior doctors at the hospital and there was also the hospital assistant who gave him medicines regularly and kept him under constant vigilance. The Civil Surgeon had asked me to report father?s condition every three hours, so I had to run about all alone in the burning heat of the noon day sun during the month of August. Ultimately, I also had the fever. I ignored it for the first few days as I had only a slight temperature. On the fifth day however, my body began to shiver and my temperature rose very high. I had no choice but to confine myself to bed.

The Assistant Surgeon offered me some medicines and told me, in so many words, that my life was in danger and persuaded me to take them regularly. The Civil Surgeon and other prominent doctors of the city also told me that the condition of my father was very serious and he may hardly survive for twenty-four hours. His condition had deteriorated and he wasn't responding to the treatment. They urged me to take the medicines and get cured so that I may not miss the opportunity to look after my father during his last moments - otherwise I may have to regret for the rest of my life. Persuading me thus, they asked me to take the medicines. I replied that their medicines had not been able to cure my father even after a treatment of several weeks. Their medicines were also of no help to my servants and relatives who came down with malaria fever and had to go home. How could this medicine possibly cure me? I told them not to worry about me as I had my own medicines. "Don't annoy me any more," I said, "as I am not going to take any of your medicines". The Assistant Surgeon was not at all happy to hear this, to say the least. He left two powders on a small table near my bed and ordered me, in very strong words, to take them immediately. He said he would be back after an hour. "It would be better", he said, "if you take these powders before I come, otherwise we would throw you and your dying father out of the hospital!"

His threats did not have the slightest influence on me. I gathered strength and went near father who was on the other side of the room, about ten yards away. He was lying unconscious and his pulse was very low - almost at the verge of failing. His hands and feet were very cold and a rattling sound could be heard from his throat as he breathed. He had also been unable to hear or see for the last two days. Furthermore, he had been unable to pass urine although the catheter was passed and some injections were given. The previous evening, the Civil Surgeon and other doctors had declared his condition very serious. There did not seem to be any hope for his survival. The doctor had advised that I should send a telegram to my home in the village. But as I was seriously ill and confined to bed, I could not do this.

As I lay there, a voice said within me that "the Divine Name is the panacea of all ills." This gave me hope and my faith was awakened. Having been disappointed on every side, I concentrated deeply on this inner voice which was my only hope. I wrapped myself in a blanket and in a state of mental concentration I silently said my invocation prayer (ardas) and then recited the Japji (to me at that time when I was unbaptised, the Japji was the only Divine name). I silently recited the Japji (by now I was an adept in silent meditation and recitation). I recited the Japji five times. Then my mind was concentrated on the verses of Spiritual Communion (verse number 12 to 15). I continued to repeat these verses and could not go beyond them. My body began to sweat. My temperature had come down to normal and I was feeling light and healthy. I wiped off the sweat and went near father to see his condition. I thought he must be dead by then. When I went near him, I saw that he had passed urine and his pulse was better. He was also breathing without difficulty. I noticed that his body was sweating, although he did not have even a cotton sheet over his body. I was extremely happy to see him recovering. When I called out to him, he opened his eyes and spoke as though he had come out of his samadhi (deep concentration). He said "Son, someone is repeating the Communion verses manai ki pauri of Japji. I feel deeply elevated in spiritual bliss." After saying these words he became silent again. I was astonished to hear this and I thanked God from the bottom of my heart for saving my father.

As I was sitting near my father, the Assistant Surgeon came and, upon finding me normal again, said: "Well done, you are a good boy. So at last you took the medicines. That's why your fever is gone." I told him his powders were lying exactly where he left them and he could take them back. He was surprised and annoyed to find that the powders had not been used. He felt my pulse and asked me in astonishment, "How did your fever go?" I told him to see the condition of my father also. When he examined my father and found him quite well, he was dumbfounded. In amazement he asked my father, "What is this miracle that has suddenly cured you?" My father said, "It is the miracle of the communion verses of Japji." The doctor again questioned him but my father said, "Do not disturb me as my mind is deeply absorbed in the music of the communion verses. The music of the communion verses is still ringing in my ears."

I then said to the doctor, "The Divine Name is the panacea of all ills. This is a miracle and a great wonder of wonders. You all gave up father as dead and his disease as incurable. Contrary to it the great God has worked a wonderful miracle." The doctor hurriedly left the hospital and, riding a bicycle, he at once went to the Civil Surgeon and told him boastingly that by some special treatment he had cured my father! The Civil Surgeon was also surprised as to how a patient in my father's condition could recover. The Assistant Surgeon boasted that he had cured him. They came to the hospital arguing the case while my father was still deeply absorbed in the music of the communion verses.

Within another two or three days my father was completely recovered and he was brought home. From that day onward, I had a profound and deep faith in the spiritual healing through prayer and the Divine Name. My faith in the high principles of Sikh Dharm became deeper and more sublime after this incident. No one now prevented me from taking religious life seriously. I had already renounced the government service and felt relieved. I was now prepared to take amrit.

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