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Be Truthful   E-mail 
If you are a truthful ?trader?, trade in truth
Sweep the inside and throw out the untruth.

                                 Bhagat Kabir Ji

A man cannot be untruthful in one area of his life without having that influence permeate every other sphere. Untruthfulness creates habits in the personality that ultimately affect everything that a man wishes to accomplish. A man cannot speak lies while at work and then, later in the day, be entirely truthful with his family. Love and inner growth are enhanced by speaking truthfully. If only for personal fulfilment, a man should cultivate truthfulness in all aspects of his life.

On another level no less important, untruthfulness indicates an ignorance of the intrinsic oneness of all people. An individual will lie only when he thinks that he is separate from others and that he can make a significant advancement in life by impeding the progress of others. Any advantage gained by untruthfulness is temporary at best, because the most fundamental and important activity in life - the development of an awareness of God - is impeded by deceit.

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