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Let There Be Compassion!   E-mail 

Slaughter of animals, thou dubbest as religious,
Then brother! Tell me what is irreligious?.
To each other, though stylest as a noble sage;
then who are to be called butchers?

                              Bhagat Kabir Ji (pg. 1103)

The neatly wrapped packages in the meat case at the supermarket or grocery store contain the body parts of once-living animals who were raised in cramped quarters where the stench from their own wastes, cannibalism caused by overcrowding and rampant disease prevail. By the time these animals reach the store, packaged in cellophane, a new group of cows, pigs or chickens has been installed, like machines, on the factory farms. They will continue through the macabre cycle that produces and kills more than 20 billion animals every year worldwide.

Although comparable in intelligence to dogs and other animals we keep as companions, these animals are never given the chance to play or frolic or develop a loving, natural relationship with others of their own kind. They never receive the warm words and caresses with which we would treat our companions. Imprisoned, with their instincts thwarted and their lives cut short, animals raised for food are denied their right to live as nature intended, for no better reason than the human taste for flesh or the desire for profit.

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