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Location: Home arrow Library of Articles arrow Articles arrow Do sins ever go unpunished?

Do sins ever go unpunished?   E-mail 

Q.    Sometimes evil people seem to flourish, not suffer. Do sins ever go unpunished?

A.    We may break the laws of a country and not be caught, but there is no possibility of deceiving God. He is present within the hearts of all living entities, witnessing their activities.

"He knows the innermost secrets of every heart. (Chaupai Sahib)"

How long will a sinner flourish? For a lifetime? Or more? Eventually, he will have to face the Divine music!

The infamous atheist, Robert Ingersoll, used to make a show of defying God at his lectures. He would stand at the podium and say, "I don't believe in God. God does not exist. If there's a God, let Him strike me dead within this minute!" And he would take off his watch and count the seconds, and at the end of a minute, he would say, "See! God doesn't exist!"

But why should God respond to such a fool? Of course, now Ingersoll is dead, finally killed by God, who comes in His own time for everyone. Just because a fool temporarily goes unpunished, we should not think that there's no punishment.

"The mills of God grind slowly,
But they grind exceedingly fine!"

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