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Slandering   E-mail 

"Men laugh and make fun
Of others' shortcomings,
But never look at their own,
Which are countless, not few."
                              - Bhagat Kabir Ji

See what slandering does. It begins with evil thought, and that in itself is a crime. For in everyone and in everything there is good; in everyone and in everything there is evil. Either of these we can strengthen by thinking of it, and in this way we can help or hinder evolution. If you think of the evil in another person, you are doing at the same time three wicked things :

  • You are filling your neighbourhood with evil thought, instead of with good thought, and so you are adding to the sorrow of the world.

  • If there is in that man the evil which you think, you are strengthening it and feeding it; and so you are making him worse instead of better. But generally the evil is not there, and you have only fancied it; and then your wicked thought tempts that person to do wrong, for if he is not yet perfect you may make him that which you have thought him.

  • You fill your own mind with evil thoughts instead of good; and so you hinder your own growth, and make yourself, for those who can see, an ugly and painful object instead of a beautiful and lovable one.

Not content with having done all this harm to himself and to his victim, the slanderer tries with all his might to make other men partners in his crime. Eagerly he tells his wicked tale to them, hoping that they will believe it; and then they join with him in pouring evil thought upon the poor sufferer.

"The slanderous tongue kills three: the slandered, the slanderer, and him who listens to the slander."

And this goes on day after day, and is done not by one man but by thousands. Do you begin to see how base, how terrible a sin this is? You must avoid it altogether. Never speak ill of anyone; refuse to listen when anyone else speaks ill of another but gently say: "Perhaps this is not true, and even if it is, it is kinder not to speak of it."

"Look not at the faults of others,
Pick out only their merits;
Like the bee that hungers only for honey,
See the Lord in the flower of every heart."
                             - Bhagat Kabir Ji

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