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The Sacred Act of Faith   E-mail 

Sacrifice is simply an act of faith. But sacrifice without faith is mockery. Sacrifice is a sacred, sanctified, sanctifying act of faith. But without true, sober, realised faith, it is just a superficial farce.

Today, far too commonly, sacrifice has come to mean an act of self-denial, for which we expect sympathy, credit and congratulations from others. And for our efforts, we may lavish ourselves with self-pride or self-pity. This is a cheapened, prostituted use of a very sacred word.

When one commits an honest act of faith, one is aware of all the pros and cons, the seen and the unseen, yet bets it all on the unseen and never gives an inch until the unseen becomes manifest. This is being aware of the individual and circumstantial truths, but not turning one?s mind over to anything short of the Infinite Truth. That is an honest act of faith and it can change destinies, rewrite histories, transform realities, and transcend all barriers of Time and Space. But the Infinite cannot come to the Finite without a channel, a vehicle - that is the Human mind. Unimbued, the mind is just a monkey, but imbued with the Light of Truth, opened by the faith in Truth, it is a torch of Truth. It is an inspiration - that quality which has the ability to lift the burden of a load, to alleviate the barrier of an obstacle, to wing to despair, to elevate the mundane to the lofty. That is the meaning of hue-man-be-ing: the mind imbued with the Light of Faith, acting in light in spite of lesser things.

In spite of the hot plate, Guru Arjun held his repose. In spite of the murder of his sons, Guru Gobind Singh Ji held his courage. These are the acts of faith, remembered as great sacrifices which have changed the destinies of all who have even thought of them. But sacrifice and faith such as this is not reserved for those spiritual and lofty beings. It was the act of courage in the face of death, faith in democracy in the face of bodily annihilation which gave us our freedom. The faith of a mother, sure of her child?s goodness however obscured, can see that child through troubled times. There are countless acts of faith around us every day; they are the doorways through which the Infinite passes to the finite. They are the windows through which the light of Truth comes to us. They are the paddings that keep us from being bruised by the lessons of life. They are the juice of life, the nurturers of all that is good and righteous in our lives. And they come to us as a legacy and a gift from ages past and moments present, from thousands who never saw us and hundreds who bore us. The gift of an act of faith bears fruit boundlessly for ages. It is remembered as an act of sacrifice, but it is committed as an act of faith - a confirmation of the supremacy of the Supreme over all odds, however pitted.

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