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The Holy Amrit   E-mail 

Guru Gobind Singh Ji has said that He is present wherever there are five rehani wale Sikhs, ie those who follow the moral code of conduct of the Khalsa. Those who distribute the Amrit during the Amritsanskar ceremony are known as punj pyare or Five Beloved Ones. These punj pyares, on giving the Amrit to the Sikhs, reveal to them the Hukum or Divine Order of the Almighty Lord. By doing so, they assist the soul, which has been separated from the Lord by aeons of births, to be united with Him again.

The Mool Mantra is the root of the whole teachings of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and the punj pyares make the new Amritdhari Sikh repeat it after them five times. Mool Mantra is that mantra which was handed down by the Almighty Lord to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the salvation of all mankind.

By drinking Amrit and receiving this mantra, a Sikh becomes a "Guruwala" - which means that from then on he has a Guru to guide him on his spiritual journey. Success and happiness in this world and immortality hereafter are the boons the Guru gives those who follow His teachings after taking Amrit from the punj pyares.

Those who fail to take Amrit are without a Guru. Guru Ji says that the aim of the human life is to merge with the Supreme Being. The Lord?s qualities have been expressed in the Mool Mantra. The Lord?s form represents the Mool Mantra and as we repeat it with full faith it begins to dwell in our heart. As this mantra starts dwelling in us, the accumulated sins from many births will start disappearing and the soul becomes clear like a mirror, and pure.

The next stage is that the Lord Himself showers His Grace on a Sikh who faithfully and with love repeats His Name. The person then starts to gain the knowledge that God cannot be destroyed, and that He Himself is running His Creation with His Power or Shakti.

By taking Amrit, we take guidance from Guru Ji. We receive Him, God?s grace and His happiness. God, who is an ocean of mercy, showers His mercy on His creation at all times. One?s need is to recognise the presence of the Lord always in oneself.

The Mool Mantra and the Gur-Mantra are the ways by which the living Truth - the Lord - can be visualised. As the Simran in a person increases day by day, the Sikh will begin to feel the presence of the Formless Lord.

Believing in the Amrit is the way to happiness and immortality. This is the way to the Lord given to us by the father of Khalsa Panth. Anybody abandoning this ideal path for living Gurus, Devis and Devtas goes into a cycle of birth and death with its attendant difficulties and sorrows.

Extracted (and adapted) with acknowledgements from :
Divine Mystic - Reflections on Gurmat by Baba Naranjan Singh

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