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Bhai Santokh Singh was a renowned poet,
historian and man of scholarly learning.
He is well-known for his book on Sikh history,
'Gur Pratap Suraj', written in poetry in
an elegant style.



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 Date Item Title   Hits
22 Aug  God is Within   1772
24 Aug  Bhai Nand Lal Ji   2257
25 Aug  The Holy Amrit   1412
25 Aug  A Prophesy Fulfilled   1584
25 Aug  The Master's Sword   1397
25 Aug  The Sacred Act of Faith   1456
25 Aug  Sikh Concept of Charity   1265
25 Aug  Do sins ever go unpunished?   1212
25 Aug  Daswandh Stories   1416
25 Aug  Bravery & the Sikh Spirit   1606
25 Aug  Daswandh: Charity of One-tenth Income   1435
25 Aug  Be Truthful   1184
25 Aug  Recognise God's Light Within All   1238
25 Aug  Not Just A Thought!   1303
25 Aug  The Spirit of Forgiveness   1456
25 Aug  Anand Sahib The Hymn of Bliss   1439
25 Aug  Saint Soldiers   1396
2 Sep  Book in Punjabi on Sikhism / Christianity   1441
6 May  Forum   8876
6 May  October 2008: 300 Years of Guruship   1186
8 Jun  India and Pakistan: The ties that bind   2996
8 Jun  Pakistani Sikhs for nuptial ties with Indian Sikh families   3474
8 Jun  Sikhs want memorial for victims of Bluestar   3273
8 Jun  The Memories and A Memorial   4608
8 Jun  I refused to kill sikh fighters taken into custody: Gen Jamwal   4242
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